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Everyday Yiddish

Gut Voch note card set

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Note cards sure to make anyone's week. Share compliments and spread some laughs and positivity with these cards. Send one to a friend, or leave them around the house for your significant other. They do most of the talking, so these cards are flat with a blank back to write a short message on. 

Nice tuchus: nice butt 
I live for your narishkeit: I live for your foolishness/silliness 
Hey shayna punim: hey good looking (pretty face)
I love your shtick: I love your gimmicks, comic routine
You're a mechaye: you're a source of pleasure, joy
You're a brocheh: you're a blessing
I can't get enough of your mishegas: I can't get enough of your antics

Gut Voch: good week, often said as a greeting on Saturday night after Shabbos ends.

  • Size: 5.5 x 4.25 in
  • Includes: 7 flat note cards + 7 envelopes
  • Blank back for handwriting a message
  • Packaged in clear gift box

10% of the sale of each Gut Voch note card set will be donated to Friendship CircleThe Friendship Circle promotes a greater awareness and understanding of the unique needs and the unique gifts of people with special needs, and encourages respect and empathy for those facing challenges. Children and teens with special needs and their families benefit from a wide array of innovative respite, social, and recreational programs. 

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